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Through the efforts of Maria Theresa there was another brief conference, but it amounted to nothing. Neither party wished for war. But Austria craved the annexation of Bavaria, and Frederick was determined that Austria should not thus be enlarged.557 Thus the summer passed away in unavailing diplomacy and in equally unavailing military man?uvrings. While engaged in these adventures, Frederick received the tidings of the death of Voltaire, who breathed his last on the 20th of May, 1778. The soul of Frederick was too much seared by life鈥檚 stern conflicts to allow him to manifest, or probably to feel, any emotion on the occasion. He, however, wrote a eulogy upon the renowned litt茅rateur, which, though written by a royal pen, attracted but little attention. 鈥楥ertainly Mamma has no call to be so rude to you, when you do so much for her,鈥?she said. Early the next morning, Czernichef, greatly admiring the exploit Frederick had performed, commenced his march home. Just before this there was a change in the British ministry, and the new cabinet clamored for peace. England entered into a treaty with France, and retired from the conflict. Frederick, vehemently upbraiding the English with treachery鈥攖he same kind533 of treachery of which he had repeatedly been guilty鈥攎arched upon Schweidnitz. After a vigorous siege of two months he captured the place. She had not been without certain expression of herself in more human terms. She had for years borne patiently with a querulous mother, but her patience and care for her had been the expression of decent and filial behaviour rather than of herself. When that task was over she had gone with comradeship to her brother, with whom she had a greater affinity of tastes. But now, as she walked westwards in the snap of wintry air and the joy of wintry sun, she realised how completely{194} sisterhood and the kinship of a bookish mind accounted for her devotion to him. They were the best of friends, they lived together in the most amicable equality, in a comfortable atmosphere of courtesy and affection. She gave and she took, they lived and worked together equally, and that sense of 鈥榝airness,鈥?of reasonable contract between brother and sister was the root of their harmonious companionship. � 鈥淪he made me a courtesy on the model of that of Agnes in the Ecole des Femmes. I took her back to the queen鈥檚 apartment, little edified by such a display of talent.鈥? Av天堂影院首页 鈥淭he case is this: I am treated in an unheard of manner by the king; and I know that there are terrible things in preparation against me touching certain letters which I wrote last winter, of which I believe you are informed. In a word, to speak frankly to you, the real, secret reason why the king will not consent to this marriage is, that he wishes to keep me on a low footing85 constantly, and to have the power of driving me mad whenever the whim takes him, throughout his life. Thus he will never give his consent. � Were torn to pieces, mangled into hash, 鈥楧on鈥檛 you think they lead to warmer attachments, Mamma?鈥?repeated Alice, finding she got no answer. It would have been at least a picturesque time to have lived in, said Allegra. "Existence must have been a series of pictures by Alma Tadema."